【Deviser Special Showcase Event – 2022】A Guitar Made Out Of What!?? A New Tonewood!

A new tonewood!?
That’s right, let’s introduce it!

A guitar made out of coffee tree wood!!

The HD-115 Coffee SF,S-ESV/ATB




That’s right!


A guitar made out of coffee tree wood!

About coffee tree wood

▲Coffee Tree used for the drink▲

As some of you may know, coffee trees for beverage use, which are mainly known to originate from Brazil and Cuba, are quite thin and do not grow large.
As you can see, it is by no means a tree that can be used for guitars.
However, the “Coffee Tree” used for this guitar is from the mid-eastern United States, and grows larger and looks different from the coffee trees that are widely used for beverages today.
Originally, Native Americans used the beans from the Coffee Tree for food and drink. European settlers, who were coffee drinkers, saw this Native American custom and roasted the beans as an alternative to their coffee and from that, also named this tree “Coffee Tree”.

The trunk of this “Coffee Tree” is thick enough to be used in guitar-making.
The Aska workshop’s procurement manager was amused by this, and purchased the Coffee tree wood for this model!

World’s First! Coffee Guitar Sound

The sides and back use Coffee wood tree

The new “Coffee Guitar” uses “Coffee Tree” wood for the sides and back materials, as explained earlier.
The sides & back materials, which play a big role in the sound creation process when playing are also very important factors when selecting the materials for an acoustic guitar.

Most acoustic guitars use rosewood or mahogany for the sides and back, but “Coffee Tree” wood’s sound is characterized by a lightness that is different from the brightness of rosewood or the warmth of mahogany.

Coffee Tree Sound

This lightness is created by the characteristic resonance around the high midrange while maintaining a solid center of gravity.

This sound goes well with country music, surf music, and Latin music.

A big coffee lover! Preparing a video demonstration by Osamurai-san

Osamurai is a solo acoustic guitarist who is very familiar with Headway, as the company has released signature models and pickups in collaboration with him, and he has played on many of our demo videos.

Did you know that Osamurai-san is such a coffee lover that he has even released a coffee blend of his own?

So, of course, we asked Osamurai-san to make a video demonstration of the coffee guitar!
It’s got a different vibe than usual!

Make sure to keep an eye open! The demo video will be released tonight alongside the feature page for the Deviser Special Showcase Event!!