#OneDayGuitarShow2022 – SeventySeven JT Series EXRUBATO-CTM-JT Winter color

Today we want to talk about what’s coming for SeventySeven this OneDayGuitarShow!

We would like to introduce a new color of EXRUBATO-CTM-JT, a very popular Japan Tune-up Series model from Seventy Seven Guitars, which will be featured in the #OneDayGuitarShow2022!

What is the Japan Tune-up Series??

The Japan Tune-up Series, also known as the JT Series, is a series of guitars tuned by hand by craftsmen at Deviser Guitars, a workshop located near Deviser’s headquarters in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, with a focus on achieving superior playability and a great overall finish.

So what is a tune-up? What exactly is it?
Let’s take a little peek into the work site of a craftsman actually doing the work!

1) Nut tune-up

The nut is a very important part of every guitar. It affects string height and sound quality, so it is only natural that we’d give it the attention it deserves!

We want to put emphasis on the beautifully polished and shaped finish! Even if it has nothing to do with the functionality, it’s the part you can see while playing that is truly inspiring! You can feel the spirit of craftsmanship! You have to see and feel this finish in person to get what we mean!

2) Fret tune-up

The frets have been tuned to the perfect height for an aggressive string height setting, and the sides have been rounded and polished to eliminate stress when moving from one position to another!
We are not only working on the playability, but also on the fine aesthetical details!

3) Setting & Finish

After the nuts and frets are tuned, the strings are set to the correct height, pickup volume is balanced, and other settings are made with the aim of making the instrument “ready to go on stage right out of the box”.
Once the tuning is complete, each part is polished beautifully and the tuning process is complete!

After many other minor operations in between, the Japan Tune-up Series is shipped to music stores worldwide, so that everyone who plays the guitar can experience the result of our efforts!

Featuring the winter inspired -Winter Blonde- color!

It is getting colder and colder, and it looks like the mountains in Matsumoto City, where our company is located, will be covered with snow at any moment.
So the EXRUBATO-CTM-JT is now available in the winter color “Winter Blonde” which looks like it is covered with snow!

The Flame maple grain combined with the see-through white color creates an exquisitely balanced look while making the most of the wood grain.
The head inlays in the shape of a block position and 77, which is a characteristic of EXRUBATO-CTM-JT, are also in white pearl, giving it a full winter color look. The hardware color is gold, which goes well with the white color of the body, creating a luxurious “white and gold” look, and this coolness is a combination that will become a habit of yours!

On top of that!

We also have a demo coming from a certain artist…

What tone will they play? Stay tuned for more updates!

Deviser One Day Guitar Show 2022

We will reveal all the limited edition and new products of the various Deviser brands on its own feature site on November 15!
We will provide more information about the model shown on this page and much more before the release of the feature site, so keep an eye out on all of our social media accounts and on the news section of our webpage!!