【#DeviserOneDay】The Bacchus Japan Tune-up Series Is Here!

With the support of many fans since it was first manufactured in 1994, Bacchus will finally celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. Ahead of this major milestone, a new series will be launched from this year’s One Day!

And that series’ name is…

Bacchus “Japan Tune-up” Series

That’s right, the series that has been so well received at Headway and SeventySeven is finally coming to Bacchus!

◇What’s the Japan Tune-up Series?

The biggest attraction of the Japan Tune-up series (to which we’ll refer as the JT series for the rest of this article) is the final adjustment process, which is carried out by experienced Japanese craftsmen. The parts that directly affect playability most are carefully finished at the WDG (Workshop Deviser Guitars), a division of Deviser in Japan.

In addition to the items shown in the images, we also carry out some thorough tuning up, including string height adjustment and final finishing of the fretboard, which directly affect playability. New guitars and basses are often difficult to play right out of the box, but with the JT series, we are committed to supporting your musical life from the day you buy it.

Part 1: WOODLINE x Quilted maple

The first model in the Bacchus JT series inherits directly from the “WOODLINE” electric basses that have become synonymous with Bacchus!

POINT① Luxury quilted maple top

The body top is made of quilted maple with a beautiful, eye-catching grain. The matte finish gives a very calm aspect despite the quilt top. A variety of other color variations are scheduled to be released, so you are sure to find your favorite one!

POINT② WOODLINE-like Slim body

This model inherits the downsized body of the WOODLINE models developed in the Handmade series. It is designed to be slightly slimmer than a typical JB-type electric bass, which makes its playability excellent. Black binding is used around the perimeter of the body to give it a luxurious, tight look.

POINT③ Special brass neck plate

Features an original brass neck plate with a high specific weight. It is heavier than conventional products and features a thick bass tone that extends into the mid-low range.

POINT④ Very popular roasted maple neck

The popular roasted maple neck, a new Bacchus classic, is also used on this model. The heat treatment not only makes the neck highly rigid and resistant to warping but also gives the neck a dry sound with a good rise.

So, what do you think?

A standard passive type is being prepared for the 4-string model, while a 5-string model with an active type bass is being prepared for those more technical players!

(*The image is of a product under development and the detail specifications and design may differ from the final product.)

Which one will you pick?

Keep an eye for the future development of the Bacchus JT Series!

Deviser One Day Guitar Show 2023

Information on limited editions and new products from the various Deviser brands will be released all at once on a special feature page on the 14th of November! This countdown page will provide information on the exhibits before the release of the special website.