【Bacchus Global Series】New colors added to the popular WL4-STD/RSM model!

The Bacchus Global series “WL4-STD/RSM” which attracted much attention last year, has now added new colors to its lineup! In addition to the popular satin matte finish of the 33-inch model of the same series, a see-through color that is sure to look great on stage has been added to the lineup.

Beautiful colors used at Aska workshop

The new colors were developed at the Aska factory with the cooperation of the paint craftsmen who work on the Japan-made series. We aimed to create a color that makes the most out of the characteristics of the wood, which is the concept of the WOODLINE model, while also considering compatibility with the distinctive roasted maple neck.

Satin matte finish that conveys the warmth of wood

Based on the well-known oil finish colors of the Handmade series, four popular colors, black, brown, charcoal gray, and red, are now available for this model. Compared to the usual glossy finish, the thinner finish not only preserves the original feel to the touch and texture of the wood but also projects the sound more directly.

New Satin colors!WL4-STD/RSM

▲ BLK-S(Black Satin)
▲ BR-S(Brown Satin)
▲ RED-S(Red Satin)
▲ CHG-S(Charcoal Grey Satin)

Vivid see-through color showing the wood grain

Two new colors will be added: Strawberry Red (SBR), which is reminiscent of a pale red, and See-Through Purple (ST-PPL), which is rare for an electric bass. The nato wood used for the body also has a wood quality similar to mahogany, allowing the bass to present a look and sound that is comparable to higher-end models.

New see-through colors! WL4-STD/RSM

▲ SBR(Strawberry Red)
▲ ST-PPL(See Through Purple)

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