【Bacchus Global Series】Blue Model Special! New colors are now available!

Rediscover the charm of blue guitars!

Blue models have been a fan favorite at the Deviser Special Showcase events and the One Day Guitar Show events, but did you know that we also offer many blue models in the more affordable Bacchus Global series?

It is no exaggeration to say that blue is one of the most popular colors among guitar fans of all ages, and did you know that many of the Bacchus Global Series guitars are also available in blue? In addition to new colors of popular models, we will introduce a whole series of blue models from the Global series!

Now, let us take you to the world of blue!

New color ① BARON-FM “ST-BLU”

The new model “BARON”, which made a strong debut this year, is now available in a new color! The new color “ST-BLU (see-through blue)” will be added to BARON-FM, which features flame maple. The shining blue grain on the arch top is absolutely enchanting! The new color will be available from the time this article goes live, so be sure to pick one up and check it out for yourself.

Bacchus Global Series

COLOR:  ST-BLU(New Color!)

For the wood grain enthusiast, this is a good choice.

The “TACTICS24-FM/RSM” with 24F specs and flame maple top has been a big hit among the RSM (Roasted Maple) series since its release. This model also has a lineup of see-through blues that look great on stage, so be sure to check it out!

New color ② WL4-STD/RSM “BLU-S”

A new color, “BLU-S (Blue Satin)” has been added to the satin matte color of the standard WL4 model. With its furniture-like calm appearance and satin matte finish, it will surely become a companion that you will always want to keep close to you! This new color is also available from today!

Bacchus Global Series

COLOR:  BLU-S (New Color!)

Ash body x see-through blue

The blue guitars keep on coming! For models with ash bodies, we have a lineup of “STB (see-through blue)” guitars with coloring that shows the grain of the wood. Just as each player’s sound is different, no two pieces of wood look the same. The “blue” color, which brings out the individuality of the wood itself, gives you a truly unique unit!

Bacchus Global Series


Bacchus Global Series


Bacchus Global Series


We introduced a whole bunch of new blue variants for our models, so if you are interested in any of them, make sure to contact your local dealer!