New -TACTICS24- from the Bacchus JT Series make their appearance! [Deviser Special Showcase Event 2024]

The first electric guitar model from the Bacchus Japan Tune-up series is now available! Taking directly from the popular “TACTICS24” model and incorporating modern style, the newest models with exotic wood on the body top are here.

Exotic wood top brought to you by the JT series

The Japan Tune-up (JT series) features a final tuning process by Japanese craftsmen, aimed at maximizing playability. The JT series offers a unique look that has only been achieved by limited edition models while maintaining playability and bringing it to an even wider range of players.

① Spalted Maple

“Spalted” is a term used to describe wood that has developed a distinctive pattern of grain as a result of decay caused by bacteria and other naturally occurring factors. For the finish, we lean into the beauty of the wood grain by using an extremely thin transparent coat that preserves the texture and grain of the wood while properly protecting the top.

② Walnut

Walnut is a popular material widely used in furniture and flooring and is native to North America. It is one of the three most famous woods in the world and is easily recognizable by its beautiful grain.

Analysis of a -TACTICS24-

The -TACTICS24- incorporates the specifications that modern music demands. Let’s give some of its features a more thorough look down below!

Heel-cut & Back contour

The heel-cut design which eliminates the neck plate improves playability at high frets. In addition, the contoured body back makes playing for long periods much more comfortable due to how it allows the guitar to rest against the body.

24-fret construction & Stainless steel frets

As its name indicates, this model features a 24-fret design with wear-resistant stainless steel frets. The frets used are also Jumbo-size for smooth string pressing and extended sustain.

Coil tap function & 2-stud tremolo unit

In addition to a coil-tap function that produces a pseudo-single-coil tone by switching a mini-switch, a Wilkinson® 2-stud tremolo for smooth arming is featured in this model.

More details about this model will be available on the feature website to be released on May 22! Information on the new products and limited edition models coming to the 2024 Deviser Special Showcase Event will be slowly added and available in preparation for the event at the link below!