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N-MGT-B Jan /

N-BR-B Jan /

N-BK-B Jan /

N-BL-B Jan /


Body Top

Flame Mahogany




Roasted Maple


Roasted Maple




2 point Tremolo


Locking tuner


Nickel Silver


Original H-H set


1Vol,1Tone,3Way PU Selector SW,Coil Tap SW



Width at Nut


Fingerboard Radius





Soft gig bag, Allen Wrench, COA

※Price update effective June 1st 2024



24-fret specification for a wide range of expression

The 24-fret specification expands the range of the sound, which also expands the playability of the instrument. It is suitable for playing melodies using the high position and sweeping from low to high with a slide of the hand.

This is a specification that we hope will be played not only by technical guitarists but also by the neo-soul guitarists we hear so much about these days.

Roasted Maple Neck

Roasted Maple is a material that comes as a result of treating Maple wood with a high heat process, volatilizing the water and oils in the wood, giving as a result a more sturdy and durable wood that not only increases stability but also the overall sound quality of the material. The sound that we get from Roasted Maple is a rich, organic sound with a vintage-like tone that is reminiscent of an instrument that has aged its sound with time and usage. This is a new product lineup of Bacchus that puts this amazing feature, which is often used in high-end models, at a reasonable price range.

※The degree of color change due to the roasting process and the grain of the maple may vary from unit to unit

Thanks to the use of roasted flame maple for the neck, a high-end feel is achieved. Due to its high rigidity as a neck, it is very resistant to naturally occurring problems, and it produces a crisp vintage guitar-like tone with a good sound rise.

Double Humbucker pickup layout & Coil tap

The 2 humbuckers on this guitar give it a powerful and attractive sound, and the 24 frets and 2-stud tremolo give it a modern look. It can support your playing from a hard lead to a technical solo.

By using the coil tap switch, it is possible to produce a crisp single-coil sound. This allows for a wider range of sound creation, making this a truly genre-less instrument.

Heel cut that improves playability on the higher-frets

To improve playability on the higher frets, a heel cut has been implemented at the neck joint. The shape of the heel cut is also good, and it fits the hand well when playing the higher frets so that the player does not feel any discomfort.

400R Fretboard

The 400R fretboard is suitable for technical play. The flat fretboard contributes to smooth fingering, and the flat fretboard is also attractive in that it is difficult to jam notes by choking.

Equipped with a 2-stud tremolo unit & locking pegs

These models are a first for the Bacchus Universe Series since they come equipped with a 2-stud tremolo unit. By using the two studs on the left and right sides as fulcrums, the resistance of the moving parts during arming is much less, resulting in smoother arming and more stable tuning.

How to adjust the tremolo arm

▲Photo shows TAC24 STD-RSM/M which has the same specifications

The torque to hold the arm in place can be adjusted by tightening the locking screw on the side of the tremolo block. Please adjust the torque with the 1.5mm wrench supplied with the unit by lowering the arm to expose the locking screw.

※ Please note that letting go of the arm while the wrench is inserted may damage the painted surface.

Furthermore, the Locking Tuner (locking machine heads) mechanism, in which turning the wheel behind the machine heads raises the rod in the string post and locks it by clamping the strings, has the effect of dramatically increasing tuning stability. This is also the first Bacchus Universe Series to adopt the Locking Tuner.

This is the instruction manual for the Locking Tuners installed on this model. Please check it before changing strings.

Luxurious Flame Mahogany Top

Flame mahogany is used for the body top. The center of the body is finished in a natural color so that the flame grain stands out, and the burst finish gives it a gorgeous appearance that rivals that of high-end models.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please understand.