Aska Factory

Since the establishment in 1977, we have consistently kept on small quantity production with the principle of handmade because it is the most important factor to create quality instruments. Our experienced builders acknowledge differences and characters of each tonewood and properly process them accordingly. 
In today's acoustic guitar industry, most of the manufacturers are distinguished to either mass-production factory or boutique workshop run by an individual or a group of a few builders. However our Aska workshop, where Headway Customshop, ATB, STD series are built has intermediate scale of production between mass-production factory and boutique workshop, and that is the reason why it is so unique and results in great performance/cost ratio.

<General mass-production factory> 
Advantage: Ability to produce plenty of guitars in a short period. So production cost per guitar is low.
Disadvantage: More difficult to pursue quality and lacks flexibility because it takes more time and efforts to change and/or improve the production system. 

<General Boutique workshop>
Advantage:  Quality is thoroughly controlled by experienced builders and flexible custom options are often available.   
Disadvantage: It takes more time and costs to produce one guitar. So it tends to be that they produce only quite expensive instruments that limited people could afford. 

 At Aska our factory most of the production process is done by hands of builders without CNC routers so that great attention is paid to every detail of guitars just like the way a boutique workshop builds their guitars. However, we also pursue productivity while maintaining the quality of boutique workshop by dividing the production to multiple segments depending on the stage of building and assign experts to each segment. Our workshop consists of multiple booths and each of them is designated to a certain segment of guitar building such as painting booth, woodworking booth, assembling booth. And the entire production is watched by chief builders to consistently keep the quality standard.

Features and techniques of Aska factory