Aska Team Build Series Special Model Gallery

This page is an archive of limited edition models produced for our own events such as the “Deviser Special Showcase” and the “Deviser One Day Guitar Show”, as well as for events organized by other companies. Please take a look at the models with exotic woods, special finishes, elaborate inlay designs, and more.

※All models shown on this page are limited production items, and the prices shown are those at the time of their release.

2023 Special Model

2022 Special Model

2022 Deviser One Day Guitar Show

2022 Tokyo Guitar Lovers

2022 Shinshu Guitar Festival

2022 Deviser Special Collection (大商談会)

2022 Deviser One Day Guitar Show

2022 Deviser Special Collection (大商談会)

2021 Special Models

2021 SoundMesse

2018 Deviser Special Collection (商談会)

2017 Deviser Special Collection (商談会)

2016 Instrument Fair

2016 Deviser Special Collection (商談会)

2015 Sound Messe

2014 Instrument Fair

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