MSRP¥360,000 w/o tax

製品番号:212 / 出展本数:15


SMGR Jan /


Body Top

Sitka Spruce

Body Side&Back



African Mahogany1P




High Density Bone


High Density Bone




SG301 AB01 GG







Width at Nut



34 Semi-forward-shifted, Scalloped X Bracing


Thin Urethane


Elixir NANOWEB Light(.012-.053)


Hard Case, Allen Wrench, COA


Summer model – Looks inspired in a goldfish fluttering on the edge of the pond

The “Sakura Guitar,” which began in 2014 and has become one of Headway’s most popular guitars, will now be available in a “Summer Sakura” model to celebrate Headway’s 45th anniversary in 2022.
This year’s Summer Cherry Blossom model is based on the theme of Headway’s Cherry Blossom guitars from last year, a “woman with a Japanese umbrella” and the summer theme of “water surface and goldfish” to create a design with a “Japanese” feel.
The 3-piece body back, extra slim U-neck, and ’34 semi-forward shift bracing make this model a pleasure to play and look at without compromising playability or sound.

The summer waters and goldfish in one scene

The flow from the top of the head to the fingerboard and pickguard is a design of cherry blossoms floating on the surface of water and goldfish swimming there, cut from a summer scene. The entire model is designed with seven goldfish. Goldfish and flowing water are said to bring good luck, and since there are seven goldfish, that’s extra luck!

The body back is made of cherry wood with a 3-piece back structure with a Japanese maple wood “Kaede” sandwiched in the center. The center of the 3-piece is designed as a “woman with a Japanese umbrella walking by a pond” with a traditional Japanese ink painting-like atmosphere, and only the goldfish are highlighted with wood parts to give them a tint.

Special sound hole cover

These soundhole covers are included with special models of the Headway Aska Team Build Series, or ATB Series. Each soundhole cover is handmade by craftsmen, and each piece is unique and special, made after a detailed fitting check for each individual instrument.
This model incorporates a circular soundhole cover with a motif of a goldfish bowl peeking out from above. It is made with multiple parts and detailed painting techniques and is a gem of a product in which craftsmanship is lavishly applied.

Combination of Yamazakura and Kaede wood

High-quality Sitka spruce is used for the top of the body, and the sides and back are made of “Yamazakura,” an exquisite Japanese wood with an outstanding flame grain.
The Aska factory stocks a wide variety of cherry wood, but the Yamazakura used for this model was selected for its large flamed wood, allowing the player to fully appreciate the charm of Yamazakura.

The body back is made of the aforementioned 3-piece construction, and Kaede, another Japanese wood, is used in the center. The sound of the Yamazakura is a little soft, and the crisp and clear sound of the Maple is added as the essence of the Yamazakura’s unique sound, giving the impression of a sweet and fresh sound with a light touch to it.

Coloring reminiscent of the surface of summer water

In order to highlight the superb flamed wood of the mountain cherry trees used in the coloring, the coloring of the blue, the symbol of summer cherry blossoms, was carefully adjusted to create a “summer gradation,” a vivid yet deep blue reminiscent of the blue of a pond in summer.

The “Extra Slim U-Neck”

The neck grip features the “Extra Slim U Grip,” the most comfortable neck grip in Headway’s history.
This new grip is thinner than the conventional Headway grip, making it easier to play even when gripping the neck.
The extra slim grip also features a “high-strength neck” with carbon support, which provides a rigid neck grip despite of how thin it is.
The carbon support also has benefits sound-wise, as the increased neck stiffness contributes to better response and sustain.