MSRP¥380,000 w/o tax


SKZ-SS-GR(Shikizakura Sunset Gradation) Jan /


Body Top

Sitka Spruce

Body Side&Back

Sakura With 3P Center Kaede


African Mahogany


Purple heart


High Density Bone(水牛骨)


High Density Bone(水牛骨)









Width at Nut



34 Semi-forward-shifted, Scalloped X Bracing


Thin Urethane


Elixir/NANOWEB Light(.012-.053)


Hard Case, Allen Wrench, COA, Soundhole Cover


※Late August Release

Headway & Obara’s Shikizakura

Shikizakura (four seasons cherry) in Obara, Toyota City, where cherry blossoms and autumn leaves are in full bloom at the same time. The Shikizakura model, now in its third year of production, was created to convey the charm of this area. Starting with the elegant design of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, the body is made of Sakura (Japanese cherry) and Kaede (Japanese maple) wood. Using Japanese materials, which is one of the main characteristics of the Headway brand, is in full bloom for this model.

Coloring inspired by
the scenery of Obara’s Shikizakura at sunset

One of the main features of this model is the gradation of colors with diagonal changes. Inspired by the seasonal cherry blossom scenery of Obara, the entire body of the model represents cherry blossoms and autumn leaves in their utmost beautiful state. In addition, only the maple wood in the center is painted with an orange gradation color that evokes the image of the setting sun, and this, together with the design of a woman in kimono, which has been incorporated into cherry blossom models in recent years, creates a narrative finish.

Designs that stand out for their beauty

Headstock design with fluttering cherry blossoms and autumn leaves

The decoration adorning the headstock features inlay work depicting cherry blossoms and autumn leaves showing their beauty at the same time. The headstock top is made of maple wood with a beautiful flame pattern, and the petals that fall from the head continue to the fingerboard, enhancing the story of the guitar. In addition, the matching head specification, which is rare for acoustic guitars, is adopted, and the head is colored in the same diagonal gradation color as the body. In addition, the gold pegs combine to give the guitar a luxurious finish.

Inlay work of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves on a purple heart fingerboard

The Purple Heart fretboard, which goes well with cherry blossom guitars, is decorated with a design of cherry blossom petals and maple leaves. The petals fluttering down from the head side are placed in large sizes at the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 12th fret positions, designed with consideration for playing without losing sight of the position when switching from the regular dot-position model. In particular, the large cherry blossom and maple leaf blooming inlay work on the 12th fret gives a dynamic image to the entire guitar.

Soundhole cover incorporating the scenery of Kawami Shikizakura Village

The sound hole cover is finished with inlay work of the scenery of Kawami Shikizakura Village, where you can see the most beautiful cherry blossoms and autumn leaves among the Shikizakura Blossoms in Obara. By using this cover, you can feel the beauty of Shikizakura more closely. As in previous Shikizakura models, two different acrylic materials are used for the rosette around the sound hole to express the coloring of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves.

Sakura & Kaede 3-piece Back

The sides and back of the body are made of Yamazakura (Mountain Cherry), a Japanese wood with distinctive flame-grain patterns. The body is constructed with a 3-piece construction, and Kaede (Japanese Maple), another Japanese wood, is used for the central piece. Both materials, Yamazakura, and Kaede, are relatively hard and solid, and the slightly sweet sound characteristic of Yamazakura is combined with the crisp and clear sound of maple, resulting in a sweet and refreshing sound.

Headway’s latest extra slim neck

The extra-slim U-neck is the thinnest in Headway’s history and is shaped for easy gripping. Not only is the neck thinner, but it also retains Headway’s traditional characteristics of sturdiness and stability by adding carbon support reinforcement bars to the inside of the neck. This is a reliable neck grip that women and players with small hands should try. The semi-glossy finish, which resembles a neck after it has been used for a while, gives it a good grip that allows the hand to comfortable rest into the neck. In addition, the carbon support bar increases the overall rigidity and gives in turn a better response.