HD-115 Coffee SF, S-ESV/ATB

MSRP¥290,000 w/o tax

製品番号:208 / 出展本数:5


CBB Jan /


Body Top

Sitka Spruce

Body Side&Back

Coffee Tree


African Mahogany1P


Madagascar Rosewood


High Density Bone


High Density Bone


Madagascar Rosewood









Width at Nut



34 Semi-forward-shifted, Scalloped X Bracing


Thin Urethane


Elixir NANOWEB Light(.012-.053)


Hard Case, Allen Wrench, COA, Nekodamari Coffee Scented Wax


A new tonewood – The HD-115 model that uses Coffee Tree wood!

As some of you may know, coffee trees for beverage use, which are mainly known to originate from Brazil and Cuba, are quite thin and do not grow large.
As you can see, it is by no means a tree that can be used for guitars.
However, the “Coffee Tree” used for this guitar is from the mid-eastern United States, and grows larger and looks different from the coffee trees that are widely used for beverages today.
Originally, Native Americans used the beans from the Coffee Tree for food and drink. European settlers, who were coffee drinkers, saw this Native American custom and roasted the beans as an alternative to their coffee and from that, also named this tree “Coffee Tree”.

The trunk of this “Coffee Tree” is thick enough to be used in guitar-making.
The Aska workshop’s procurement manager was amused by this, and purchased the Coffee tree wood for this model!

A design infused with the taste of coffee

Because this model is made of coffee wood, we incorporated the motif of the coffee everyone knows and loves throughout the design.
The fretboard inlay features a coffee bean design, and the use of wood parts both work towards the goal of evocating that coffee image we were looking for.

The pickguard has a coffee berry design, also made with wood parts, and together with the fingerboard inlays, creates a calm and mature atmosphere.

The coloring is a brown burst paint with a milky feel like a gentle café au lait, inspired by an afternoon spent relaxing in a café. We achieve this while taking advantage of the natural texture of the relatively white wood of the coffee tree.

The sound hole cover also matches the body color, and the design is inspired by the popular latte art, a scene from a coffee cup, made with detailed wood parts, a hidden gem of craftsmanship only available in this model.

Relaxing during the afternoon break

One of the most interesting components of this model is its sound which fully expresses the unique characteristics of the Coffee Tree wood, if we had to describe it we would say it is “light but hard,” this quality is hard to find in other woods and has a light sound with unique characteristics that differ from rosewood and mahogany in the mid to high registers.
It also responds well to a light touch, and the playing comfort is such that you can imagine playing this model on a holiday afternoon while relaxing with a cup of coffee in your hand, and the design, color, and sound of this model make it a package that you can relax with and enjoy.

Extra Slim V Neck

The neck grip is an “extra slim V-neck” that boasts the most comfortable grip in Headway’s history.
The neck grip is thinner than conventional Headway neck grips, making it easier to grip and easier to play.
The extra slim neck is a “high-strength neck” with carbon support bars, which provide a rigid neck despite its thinness
The carbon support bars also give an advantage when it comes to the guitar’s sound, contributing to better response and sustain due to the increased neck rigidity.