HOFC-THE 3000th

MSRP¥2,000,000 w/o tax




Body Top

Adirondack Spruce

Body Side&Back

Jindaizakura (3P Center: Brazilian Rosewood(Jacaranda))


Syurizakura 1P


Brazilian Rosewood(Jacaranda)


High Density Bone(水牛骨)


High Density Bone(水牛骨)


Brazilian Rosewood(Jacaranda)




JESCAR/Evolution Gold



Width at Nut



Extra Slim U


34 Semi Forward Shifted, Scalloped X Bracing


Top Lacquer


Elixir/NANOWEB Light(.012-.053)


Hard Case, Allen Wrench, COA, Soundhole Cover


A special model that outlines an era of Headway

The Aska Team Build series is produced by several elite craftsmen who have built their careers under master builder Momose. The project started with the production of the 3000th model of the Aska Team Build series in 2021, 10 years after the series was launched.

This is the most unique and special model in the history of the ATB team.

Fingerboard inlay that represents
the vibrant beauty of the sakura trees

The motif of weeping cherry blossoms expresses the flow of time that continues uninterruptedly.
From the inlay on the head to the sound hole The branches of the tree represent the life force of the sakura tree, and a white eye, a spring wild bird, is resting on a sakura branch.

Headway’s symbolic eagle motif

Headway’s symbolic motif since the very beginning. The head inlay, which is a combination of the eagle and the cherry blossom motif that we have been working on in recent years, expresses “the fusion of the past and the present.
Headway will continue to challenge the trends of the times while preserving the traditions that we’ve been bulding up since the very start of our journey.

A pickguard of fluttering cherry petals and eagle feathers

The wood pickguard made of Jacaranda is decorated with the design of eagle feathers to express the passage of time. The design also features glimpses of falling petals and drooping branches of cherry trees.

Featuring Headway’s new HOFC shape

HOFC shape with Headway’s new innovative Florentine cutaway Not only facilitates the playability at high frets, but also the high tones are beautiful, refined, and clear, you can truly feel the beginning of a new Headway being formed in this guitar.


Only the highest quality materials are appropriate for a commemorative model such as this one, so we went with “Jindai Zakura,” which is estimated to have been around since the Yayoi period (More than 2,000 years ago), and Jacaranda, one of the highest quality tonewoods, and “Shuri sakura,” which is extremely rare for its straight vertical wood grain.

Extra Slim V Neck

The neck grip is an “extra slim V-neck” that boasts the most comfortable grip in Headway’s history.
The neck grip is thinner than conventional Headway neck grips, making it easier to grip and easier to play.
The extra slim neck is a “high-strength neck” with carbon support bars, which provide a rigid neck despite its thinness
The carbon support bars also give an advantage when it comes to the guitar’s sound, contributing to better response and sustain due to the increased neck rigidity.

34′ Semi-forward bracing

This model features the 34′ bracing, which was designed by Headway Master Builder Mr. Yasuo Momose using vintage guitars as inspiration. While the highly reinforced ARS gives the guitar a “stiff” character with an articulated, organic tone, the 34′ bracing gives the guitar a “soft” character with a rich midrange and soft sound.


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