2022 HD-531 SF,S-ESV/ATB

MSRP¥400,000 w/o tax


CN Jan /


Body Top

Adirondack Spruce

Body Side&Back

Jindai Tamo(3P Center:Tochi)


African Mahogany




High Density Bone(Water Buffalo Bone)


High Density Bone(Water Buffalo Bone)







Width at Nut



Extra Slim V


34 Semi Forward Shifted, Scalloped X Bracing


Thin Urethane


Elixir/NANOWEB Light(.012-.053)


Hard Case, Allen Wrench, COA


Soaring to Headway’s 45th Anniversay

The year 2022 will mark the 45th anniversary of Headway, which began its history in 1977. Throughout these years has been involved in the use of various woods and designs, Headway and there are countless unique models created by the Headway team. The design of these models is based on Headway’s stance of always moving forward, much like the “Raichou” (Japanese Rock Ptarmigan) weathering the extreme cold of the stormy peaks on Nagano prefecture, where our factory is located, and we wanted to convey this image to as many people as possible through the guitar. With all of these facts in mind, Headway created this guitar to commemorate this important occasion.

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Capturing the rare moment of a Raichou flapping its wings into the sky

The design captures a moment in time when the Raichou, known for walking around most of the time, flaps its precious wings. The design is connected from the Raichou flying away to the fluttering wings on the fingerboard, giving a sense of flow. The Raichou, which is said to be a messenger of the gods, is flapping its wings in the sky in the hope that Headway will continue its journey with its users for the next 50, 100 or even more years!

A 3-piece backdrop for a winter scene in the Alps

The winter scenery of the Alps where Raichous live is expressed using Tochi wood in the center of the three-piece back. The blue of the winter sky and the wind blowing through the Alps are expressed with paint and inlay on the white horse chestnut wood, and the snow fluttering in the air is expressed with “holographic paint”. The way it appears and disappears depending on the angle is just like the snowflakes themselves. The lower part of the figure is decorated with a Raichou clad in pure white winter feathers, and the figure, which blends into the snow and is difficult to find, is expressed by adding white material to the white Tochi wood.

Special soundhole label with Headway 45th anniversary logo

The soundhole label is made by pouring liquid into the hole. Each label is individually colored with the characteristic red of Raichou mask.
A special logo is used to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Headway. The logo features the “45th” in a circle-shaped like a soundhole, and the word “ANNIVERSARY” along the shape of the bridge, adding a playful touch that shows Headway’s style of challenging different woods and designs.


Adirondack spruce for the finest tone

The top is made of Adirondack spruce, one of the finest woods available for acoustic soundboards. Adirondack spruce is native to North America and has been used for acoustic guitars for a very long time, making it a very rare material. Adirondack spruce is one of the best woods for guitars, and it has a beautiful look with a tight grain and a clear, rich sound from low to high notes. It is one of the most valuable woods for guitars.

A combination of Jindai Ash, a wood that has been around for thousands of years, and Tochi wood, from the Japanese Tochi tree

For the body side back, we use “Jindai Tamo” or “Jindai Ash”, which has the name of “Jindai” because it was buried in the earth and sand for literally thousands of years and has reappeared in the modern age without decomposing. In the center of the back of the body is a 3-piece structure made of Tochi wood, which has beautiful white color. By adding the soft Tochi wood to the relatively hard sound of the Jindai Ash, which has a powerful bass and brilliant treble, the hardness is removed and a bright tone is produced throughout.

The extra slim V-neck symbolizes the evolution of Headway

While most of the models in the 500 series have a U-neck, this model has a V-neck, combining Headway’s tradition and innovation. Compared to the conventional narrow V-neck, the neck is 1mm thinner at the first fret, making it easier to grip. This neck is not only thinner and easier to play, but it is also thicker and easier to grip, because “we want our customers to be able to play their Headways for a long time. In order to make the neck strong enough to hold up to Momose’s beliefs, carbon support was introduced into the neck. With the carbon bars’ support, the rigidity of the neck is dramatically increased, which leads to a better response that produces a pristine sound immediately upon playing.