MSRP¥310,000 w/o tax


AN Jan /


Body Top

Selected Adirondack Spruce

Body Side&Back

Selected Indian Rosewood


Singapore Mahogany 1P




High Density Bone(水牛骨)


High Density Bone(水牛骨)









Width at Nut


Neck Grip

Extra Slim V Grip


Scalloped Advanced Rear Shift Low X Bracing


Thin Urethane


Elixir NANOWEB Light(.012-.053)


Hard Case, Allen Wrench, COA

Special model made of selected Adirondack spruce

The body top is made of Adirondack spruce selected from the stock of the Aska factory. Adirondack spruce is a type of red spruce from the Adirondack region of North America. It’s a very rare material nowadays and is characterized by its wider grain pattern compared to Sitka spruce.
In this model, Adirondack spruce is also used for the bracing material.

Selected Indian rosewood

This model is made of Indian rosewood, selected from the material stock of the Aska factory. The grain of the wood is beautiful and tightly packed.

Singapore mahogany 1P neck

The neck is made of 1P Singapore Mahogany, which as the name implies, is mahogany grown in Singapore. However, it is not just some random mahogany grown in Singapore but, a species derived from the legendary “Cuban Mahogany”, which was grown in Singapore.
Singapore is located near the latitude of Cuba and has a similar climate to the island nation. This is probably why Singapore mahogany is quite similar to Cuban mahogany, with the same density and crisp hardness, as well as similar looks.
All necks used in the domestic HEADWAY are one-piece necks, cut from mahogany squares with only two pieces of wood being removed. Although there are more efficient methods of cutting wood, HEADWAY custom builder Momose’s belief in creating guitars that can be used for a long time with peace of mind has led him to adopt the one-piece neck. In terms of sound, the wood fibers are unbroken, resulting in a highly efficient transmission of the vibrations through the neck all the way to the body.

Extra slim V neck

The image of Headway guitars has always been that of a thick neck with a firm grip for a powerful stroke. While there are people who pick up Headway guitars and like to play them because of this impression, there are also people who may have avoided them for the same reason.

For players who prefer a thinner, narrower neck grip, especially for fingerpicking styles and fast passages, Headway has developed the thinnest grip shape currently available.

High-strength neck

The first thing to worry about when making the neck grip thinner is the strength of the neck, but of course, we have not overlooked this. The Asuka Team Build Series is the first to use the “High Strength Neck”, which consists of an iron bar core and two carbon supports, which has been used in recent years in Headway Custom Shop products by various craftsmen including Mr. Yasuo Momose.

The thinner grip reduces the mass of the neck body, but the high-strength neck construction increases rigidity and reduces unwanted neck flex, allowing string vibrations to be transmitted smoothly to the body top.