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STR allows me to go beyond in terms of technique and creativity, because of the standard of ambition and perfection that they manage to put into every single instrument. Simply brilliant !



その時から人生を音楽に費やそうと彼は決意することとなり、17歳の時にはコントラバスに特化した音楽の専門学校に入校。18歳になるまでにはコントラバスやエレキベースでJosé Merce, Arcángel, Miguel Poveda, David Dorantes他多数のフラメンコやフュージョンのミュージシャンのバックをつとめるようになっていた。

教育システムに退屈を覚え音楽学校を中退し、独学でエレキベースの勉強に専念。Jaco Pastoriusや、John Patitucci, Gary Willis, Anthony Jacksonなどのベーシスト達の演奏を分析した。その後の8年間で、 スペイン内外を問わず、Dave liebman, Guillermo Mc Gill, Niño Josele, Antonio Rey,Dani de Moron, Vicente Amigo, Perico Sambeat, Jose Antonio Rodríguezなど数多くのミュージシャンと共演を重ね、およそ100もの録音作品に参加した。

その後、教育者としてバルセロナの”Taller de Musics”音楽学校でクリニックやマスタークラスなどの指揮を取ることになる。


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/josemanuel.posadaoviedo.5
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jm.popo
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbbPkFoPqN9bcQTD2GaRf2g/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4KCNPPCUa7dHlRnoXfnXyc


Jose Manuel Posada Oviedo was born in a small village called Seville, in the south of Spain on November, 4, 1979. He discovered music almost immediately due to being the son of a bass player. At the age four he knew all of Stevie Wonder´s recordings by heart. By the age of thirteen, the guitar was his favorite instrument. Despite not being allowed to, he used to sneak away to hear the rehearsals of his eldest brother´s band. By accident, he discovered and fell in love with the bass when he was asked to replace the sick bass player. A month later he became a vocalist, bass player and leader of the band.

That was when he determined he would spend his life playing music. Aged seventeen he joined the music conservatory specializing in double bass. By the time he was eighteen he had already accompanied flamenco and fusion artists such as José Merce, Arcángel, Miguel Poveda, David Dorantes and many more on the double bass and electric bass.
Bored and disenchanted by the educational system of the conservatory he dropped out of it and became an autodidactic musician so as to concentrate on studying the electric bass, which he did by analyzing Jaco Pastorius, John Patitucci, Gary Willis, Anthony Jackson and others. For the following eight years he has accompanied national and international artists like Dave liebman, Guillermo Mc Gill, Niño Josele, Antonio Rey,Dani de Moron, Vicente Amigo, Perico Sambeat, Jose Antonio Rodríguez etc. and featured on about a hundred recordings.

In demand as an educador, he has conducted clinics and master classes at the “Taller de Musics” in Barcelona. 

JM.Popo released his second solo effort, Multiverso, in November 2019. The brand new album is a collection of twelve originals that display Popo’s tremendous skills along with an elite group of Spanish first-call studio musicians. From funky and upbeat to experimental and sultry jazz, Multiverso says it all about what real music and groove should be. Multiverso is now available as physical CD and digital download on all major digital stores.



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