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2003年、北京のブルースロックバンド「Lucky Draw」に加入しスタジオアルバムのレコーディングに参加。



2014年、「Union of Chinese Bassists」を結成。千人以上のメンバーを抱え、中国において最も大きく、影響力のあるベーシストのコミュニティになりつつある。


Born in Beijing on 26 November 1980, he is one of the most renowned bass players in China’s music scene today. Shi first encountered bass guitar at 15 years old. Since then he has been a dedicated player and practiced for an average of 10 hours daily.
During his musical journey, Shi has been playing with various bands and musicians from the local music scene and performed in different shows and music festivals of various scales.
In 2003 Shi joined the local Blues Rock band “Lucky Draw” and participated in the recording of the band’s studio release.

By 2004, Shi moved over to Germany. During the past 12 years, shi has been actively cooperated with various musicians on different performances, as well as being an educator.

By 2006, Shi uploaded his first bass performance video on YouTube. It is also the first bass video ever posted by Chinese bassist.

By 2014, Shi formed the Union of Chinese Bassists. It is now being the biggest and most influential bass community in the country with over one thousand members globally.