【Bacchus JT Series】A new spalted maple model is here!

Bacchus Japan Tune-up, a new series of Bacchus products launched last year, has introduced a new model based on Bacchus’ ever-popular WOODLINE, which uses the exotic wood known as “spotted maple” for the top of the body!

About the Japan Tune-up Series

The Japan Tune-up Series (commonly abbreviated as the “JT Series”) is a lineup with a focus on playability that has been carefully tuned and set up by a specialized team in our local Matsumoto City, in Nagano Prefecture, that focuses on maximizing playability and all aspects that would improve the player’s experience.

In addition to the items shown in the images, we also carry out some thorough tuning up, including string height adjustment and final finishing of the fretboard, which directly affect playability. New guitars and basses are often difficult to play right out of the box, but with the JT series, we are committed to supporting your musical life from the day you buy it.

Spalted maple that radiates uniqueness

The most distinctive feature of this model is the -spalted maple- used for the top material. “Spalted” is a term used to describe wood that has developed a characteristic pattern as a result of decay caused by bacteria and other factors in nature. Spalted wood is often used for decorative purposes in handicrafts, and has a different feel from the more common flamed and quilted woods.

Ultra-thin matte finish that brings out the true sound of the wood

Instead of a glossy finish, a matte finish with an extremely thin layer of paint is used. Compared to a standard finish with a thicker coating, the matte finish transmits the string vibration more directly to the body.

The 4-string and 5-string models are available in two colors: NAS (Natural Satin) and BLKS-B (Black Satin-Burst). Both models are equipped with a clear pickguard, which allows the wood grain to be fully featured on the body.

Two different options to match your playing style

On top of its slightly slimmer WOODLINE-shaped body, these come in a standard 4-string passive model and a 5-string active version equipped with a preamp so you can choose whichever one fits better with your own style.

4-string Passive

The simple 2-volume, 1-tone configuration comes standard with a “turbo switch” function that connects the pickups in series by pulling up the tone knob; turning it on increases the output, enabling fat and powerful humbucking-type sound-making. (*When using the Turbo Switch, the front Vol knob controls the volume and the rear Vol knob is bypassed.)

5-string Active

An active circuit with a pre-amp allows for fine equalization at hand when playing. In addition, a balancer allows the volume of each pickup to be blended, and the sound is more resistant to noise and more contoured than the passive version. By switching the mini-switch in the center, the pickups can be used in passive mode.

Roasted maple neck & brass neck plate

In addition to the roasted maple neck that has become synonymous with Bacchus, an original brass neck plate with high specific gravity is used at the joint. The bass tone is heavier than conventional models and extends into the mid to low range with a dense, full tone.

Today’s Models

▲ NAS(Natural Satin)

Bacchus Japan Tune-up Series


▲ Black(Black Satin-Burst)

Bacchus Japan Tune-up Series


The new models will be available from the time this article is published! Please contact your local dealer to get yours!