【Headway STD】A summer vibe you can both see and hear! The 2022 Natsuzakura models are here!

The summer is here!

The sea, rivers, the blue skies, that’s what summer is all about! And what all of those things have in common is… They are blue!
This year we want to capture that feeling again.

So we present this year’s Summer Sakura guitars!


Limited production to 13 units only*


Limited production to 12 units only*

2022’s Natsuzakura’s Specs (Summer Sakura) !

Light NatsuZakura Blue

This year’s Natsuzakura (Or Summer cherry blossom) is going with a special “Blue” color.
This color is rare for acoustic guitars, but the hue was adjusted to blend in with the summer landscape, while still allowing the grain of the wood to be visible in the design.

The sides and back of the body are of course also made of sakura wood.
Sakura wood is somewhat hard, so it has a characteristic sound in the mid to high range, with a warmth that is unique to sakura wood.

Tortoiseshell Pickguard

Having the tortoiseshell pattern pickguard in the middle of the “Light NatsuZakura Blue” colored body gives the impression of the summer sun shining through the tree line. An inspiring and thematic accent to the design that we feel complements the blue coloring beautifully

Inlay design

Cherry blossom petals fluttering down the black headstock create a mature and elegant image.

While sakura models often use a purple heart fretboard, this model is made of Richlite.
It combines qualities similar to ebony wood, which has a jet black aspect to it and has an excellent sound. The artificial nature of this material makes it resistant to environmental changes, and its resistance to warping is also a major feature of this model.

The inlays mark the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, and other frets to improve playability while also improving the looks!

A Summer Sakura model to captivate your eyes and your ears!

Headway guitars not only have eye-catching looks, but also a reliable and robust construction, and specs to go along with it! Let’s take a look at the internal structure of the Headway Standard Series, which this model is a part of!

Dovetail joint for an accurate and clean sound

We use what’s known as a dovetail joint for these models.

In recent years, models with simpler joints using bolts and the like have been on the rise, but the dovetail joint has a larger joint area, and when finished precisely, the neck and body produce a rich sound as if they were made of one piece of wood.
The protrusion at the joint is larger than that of a standard joint to increase the joint strength.

“Post-process construction” The promise of a top-of-the-line construction

Once the neck and body are treated and coated separately, they are joined with utmost care.
This method of joining both parts after they are already finished is what we call “Post-process construction”.

This allows us to prepare and confirm that every single detail in both the neck and body is perfectly fine before joining them.
This allows the neck to be perfectly aligned in relation to the bridge, which in turn makes it easier to set the proper saddle height and string height, thereby contributing to improved playability.

Furthermore, having the body and neck done separately allows us to give one of them a satin finish and the other a matte finish.

However, if not done properly, the gap at the joint can be filled with paint, and if that happens it becomes obvious that the joint is not correctly made. The beautiful finish of the joints done seamlessly is the result of our craftsmen’s high level of workmanship.

Today’s models

MSRP・・・¥260,000(w/o tax)

MSRP・・・¥260,000(w/o tax)