【Seiji Igusa】The appeal of modern-spec Standard Series models

The Standard Series is one of Headway’s domestic lineups.
Inheriting the technology built up by Headway’s founder, Yasuo Momose, the “STD Series” is now on par with the flagship Aska Team Build Series in terms of specifications and construction.

This time, we asked Seiji Igusa, an amazing guitarist who’s really popular on social media and video sites both in Japan and abroad, to play the “500 Series”, a modern-spec set of models of the Headway Standard Series that has been brushed up in construction and design from Headway’s unique perspective.

Seiji Igusa talks about the appeal of Headway STD modern-oriented models – Make sure to turn subtitles on!

Impressions of playing the 500 Series models

Seiji Igusa:

It looks very traditional, but the sound is quite modern.
Of course, there is a warm acoustic sound, but I felt that the sound has a fast rise in fast passages and good sound articulation, which is required for today’s playing styles.

Points of interest from the perspective of a player

Seiji Igusa:
I think this guitar will be very suitable for more modern necessities, such as technical playing by people who post videos or stream on social media.
I think the guitar looks very good on camera, it has very nice looks in general.

▲Photo before installation, but the product is also equipped with cable hooks▲

Seiji Igusa:
As a player, I really appreciate the fact that the battery box is attached in advance with a solid metal frame.
The battery is the part that is most prone to problems due to the natural vibrations that occur when playing, and the cables can resonate and buzz for this same reason, so I think it’s great that these parts are installed in advance to prevent those problems.

Difference in Sound by Shape

▲HD-531 SF,S/STD▲
▲HF-531 SF,S/STD▲

Seiji Igusa:

HD-531 SF,S/STD has a crisp bass and treble, so I would say it is more versatile.

HF-531 SF, S/STD has a very strong midrange, so I think it has the kind of sound that makes the melody stand out when playing with a fingering style. I also like how it cuts through the mix when playing the lead.

So I personally think that HD goes great on backing tracks, while HF goes better on melodies and leads.

About other STD series models

Igusa Seiji:
If you want a more traditional model with a warmer acoustic sound, I think the HD-115 and HF-415 models might fit the bill.

In contrast, the 500 Series matches modern playing very well, so please, if you have the chance, please compare them at a store by yourself.

Today’s models





Please contact your local dealer for more information on how to get the model you are interested in.