【Seiji Igusa】Compared playing the JT series top solid and all solid models!

The Japan Tune-up Series (JT Series) is recommended for anyone from beginners to veteran users of Headway guitars.
JT-Series models are made in overseas workshops, and then tuned in detail by craftsmen in Japan before being shipped to you, making this series perfect in terms of both cost and quality! However…,

But the question is…



“When I’m thinking of getting one I realize…”



There’s too much variety!!

The lineup consists of nearly 30 models in all, with about 10 different body shapes and specifications.

What an unfriendly manufacturer!
Too much variety!

Last time, we asked Osamuraisan to compare a total of 10 shapes, including his own signature model, with the goal of “helping you find a body shape that suits you.

This video will help you narrow down the models from a lineup of about 30 to about 3 or 4 ideal models. Maybe.


This time around, the second JT series playing comparison project by popular guitarists is here!

We called guitarist Seiji Igusa to give us a hand comparing Solid top vs All solid models.

Seiji Igusa compares solid to and all solid acoustic guitars!

Acoustic guitars are instruments that use wood to amplify vibrations, so it is generally said that “All solid” guitars sound better, but there are some points where “Solid top” is actually superior from the point of view of leading artists!

There is no superiority of one over the other in terms of specs, with some players preferring the solid top models, and others preferring the all solid models.
By watching this video along with Osamuraisan’s previous video, we are sure you have narrowed down the “Headway Japan Tune-up Series” models that you would like to try out.

Today’s models

Solid Top Models




All Solid Models




Please contact your local dealer for the model you are interested in!