Now shipping! The new Headway ATB series “Special Edition” is completed!

The Headway flagship line Aska Team Build series (ATB series) “Special Edition”, which we reported the other day, has started to be completed and we would like to introduce it to you.

The “Special Edition” models are made with the finest materials.

This time we are making a model based on the rosewood side back model “HD-115&HF-415” and a model based on the mahogany side back model “HD-113&HF-413”!

■Point 1 – Select Adirondack Spruce

We use Adirondack spruce, top-grade spruce native to North America, for the top material. The top is made of Adirondack spruce, the highest quality spruce native to North America, carefully selected from the Asuka factory’s stock of high-quality Adirondack spruce.
Advanced Rear Shift (ARS) bracing is used for the bracing pattern to match the traditional Headway style.
Adirondack spruce is also used for the bracing, which gives the guitar a rich, shimmering sound with a solid feel.

■Point 2 – Singapore mahogany 1 piece neck & extra slim V neck

Singapore Mahogany, as the name suggests, refers to mahogany grown in Singapore. However, it is not just mahogany grown in Singapore, it is the seed of the legendary “Cuban Mahogany” that was grown in Singapore.
Singapore is located near the latitude of Cuba, and the climate is similar to that of Cuba. For this reason, Singapore mahogany is quite similar to Cuban mahogany in appearance, as well as in density and a slightly brighter sound than crisp mahogany.

In addition, all of Headway’s made-in-Japan models use a one-piece neck.

The neck uses Headway’s latest “Extra Slim V-Neck” design, which is easy to grip and gives you the feel of playing an electric guitar. The extra slim neck also has carbon support bars built into the neck, which makes the neck thin but very rigid, and gives the guitar a very responsive sound when played.。

■HD-115 & HF-415 style points – Selected Indian rosewood specification

The HD-115 & HF-415 styles use Indian Rosewood for the side backs. As it is called “Selected Indian Rosewood”, it is made of high-quality material with straight grain selected from the stock.
The rosewood neck and Adirondack spruce top are combined with the Singapore mahogany neck and Adirondack spruce top to create a model that sounds massive without being too hard.

■HD-113&HF-413 style points – Selected Singapore mahogany specification

The HD-113 & HF-413 styles use Singapore Mahogany for the side backs. As the name “Selected” implies, we use only the finest materials carefully selected from our stock.
As mentioned earlier, Singapore Mahogany is a species of Cuban Mahogany that was grown in Singapore, so the material is similar to Cuban Mahogany and the sound is similar as well.
The material is a little harder than regular mahogany, which gives the guitar a rich mid-bass softness and a moderate brightness and high end that makes it a pleasant sound to play.

For those interested, please contact your local dealer to get yours!

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