MSRP¥280,000 w/o tax


CN Jan /


Body Top

Sitka Spruce

Body Side&Back

Indian Rosewood


African Mahogany 1P




High Density Bone(水牛骨)


High Density Bone(水牛骨)




Gotoh/SXN510V 06M GG





Width at Nut


Neck Grip

Extra Slim U Grip


’34 Semi-forward-shifted, Scalloped X Bracing


Thin Urethane


Elixir NANOWEB Light(.012-.053)


Hard Case, Allen Wrench, COA

Featuring Headway’s thinnest neck ever

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The “Ex-Slim U Neck” is used to emphasize the thinness that overturns the image of the conventional Headway neck. The stability characteristic of the Headway neck is of course maintained, and the rigidity is increased by the “high strength neck” specification with carbon bars. The effect of the carbon bars are not only beneficial for stability but also suppresses unnecessary neck bending and smoothly transmits the vibration of the strings to the body top, improving the quality of the high range tones.

34 Semi-forwards shifted bracing

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Bracing developed by Mr. Momose based on vintage 1934 guitar’s bracing.
The cross position of the X is a semi-forward shift close to the soundhole, the bass response is better than that of recent designs, and it has a loud sound to it. By being closer to the bridge by about 5 mm than the forward shift, the stability of the top plate is also taken into consideration and improved in the design.

Gotoh SXN 510V-06M Tuners

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The GOTOH SXN 510V-06M, a light open gear, is used to balance the 34 bracing that produces a relatively strong midrange. By having the nut tightly holding the tuners, there is no play between the tuner and the headstock, and it firmly supports the vibration.

Back decoration pattern

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The design has been changed to distinguish it from the ARS version.

-High Density Bone- Nut and Saddle

Both the nut and saddle are made out of high-density water buffalo bone.

Lower string action

The string height at the 6th string, 12th fret is around 2.2mm.

Headway custom frets

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Equipped with Headway original frets (Model: HHF-AG). Using tough Nickel, they are taller than ever before and have better durability. Also, the fret leg’s studs are thicker in order to prevent the frets from popping out of place.

Conversion endpin

For the endpin, we included a conversion endpin compatible with 12.2mm endpin jacks. Thanks to this feature, adding a preamp is a very easy task.

Battery holder and cable hook included

Equipped with a battery holder and a wiring hook. Normally, no matter which side the battery holder is in, there’s always a risk of the battery dethatching and damaging your instrument but for this model’s holder, a screw holds the battery in place, so no matter if you are transporting your instrument or mid-performance, you don’t have to worry about it dethatching.

Half satin-matte finish

The finish on the neck grip is a bit different to what we have done in the past. Instead of going with the regular matte finish, a “Half matte” finish. It feels better to the touch and the playability was improved thanks to this finish.

“Luminlay” side position markers

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We used Luminlay for the side position. Thanks to this luminescent material we get a more flashy look.