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製品番号:221 /


SKPN(Sakura Pink) Jan /


Body Top

Solid Sitka Spuruce

Body Side&Back

Laminated Myrtle










Grover 102 Gold


Nickel silver medium


Fishman Sonitone


1Vol, 1Tone




Scalloped X braing

Width at Nut


Fingerboard Radius



Gigbag, Allen Wrench, COA


Japan Tune-up Series’s first Sakura model is here!

This year 2022 marks Headway’s 45th anniversary as a brand. In talking about the 45-year history of Headway, the Sakura, or “Cherry Blossom” models is something that cannot be overlooked.

Starting from 2014, we have been producing a wide variety of models in various series such as “ATB series”, “STD series”, and “Custom Shop”. This year, a milestone year, it will finally be time for the JT-Series to make an appearance!

A compact new body shape『HTJ』!

The “HTJ” (Tiny Jumbo) body shape is a newly developed compact body shape.

As the name “Tiny Jumbo” suggests, the body is small, but the end side is expanded to secure the volume inside the body, resulting in a sound with a solid core sound, instead of the weaker sound core that is often heard in mini-guitars. The scale is 597mm, about 31mm shorter than the HF type, making it easy to handle and enjoy in any situation.

The Purple Heart fretboard is characteristic in Sakura models and is also here alongside beautiful white butterfly shell inlays and decorations!

Purple Heartwood is one of the standard woods we use for Sakura models.
It is a unique wood with a natural purple color without coloring and has been used for many cherry blossom guitars because it fits the image of cherry blossom guitars.

It is also suitable for hard and solid fretboards and contributes to a tight sound, response, and sparkling tone.

■Sakura blossom inspired inlay using mother of pearl

Inlays of cherry blossoms, which are characteristic of our “Sakura Guitars”, are scattered on the head top and fingerboard.

This inlay is made with mother of pearl shell which is also used for inlays on high-end guitars and it helps round up the beautiful looks of this model.

Cherry blossom model coloring & cherry blossom petal-shaped pickguard!

For this model, we used went with an “SKPN (Sakura Pink)” coloring, which represents a moment of lovely cherry blossoms, and the light coloring makes for a stylish finish.

For the pickguard, we went with the standard for the high-end Sakura guitars, a pickguard with an impressive shape in the form of a cherry blossom petal, using a white pearl coloring for more attractive looks.

Wooden label made out of Sakura wood

We call it our “Cherry Blossom Policy”, which is a key point in the production of cherry blossom guitars, and our theme is to actually use cherry blossom wood in the production process.

In these models, the soundhole labels are actually made by craftsmen one by one from Sakura wood, and the Sakura design is carved into the label to give the player a special feeling of satisfaction that can only be felt when looking in through the soundhole.

About the Headway Japan Tune-up Series

What does JT mean?

It is common to hear that professional guitarists do not use the guitars they buy as is, but first take them to a trusted repairman and adjust them to their preferred settings before going on stage. Experienced guitarists will shave the nut on their own guitars and make modifications until they get the desired playing feel. With the Headway Japan Tune-up series, we have focused on every detail to maximize the guitar’s potential. We are dedicated to setting up each guitar to maximize its potential in every detail. We deliver guitars with a quality that can only be achieved through the accumulation of many simple and steady steps.

Main features

The JT series uses the “dovetail joint” and “post-treatment neck” methods, which require the same machining precision as Headway’s higher-end models. It also comes standard with a strap pin at the heel and is equipped with a FISHMAN preamp.

Dovetail joint + Post-treatment neck

The joint between the neck and body is an important part of guitar manufacturing. Headway has been using dovetail joint processing and post-finishing of the neck on its high-end models, and now it is finally possible to do the same on JT series products.

Nut and saddle

On every JT Series guitar, the nut and saddle are carefully adjusted to offer the best string actions so that they are easy to play. Edges of nut and saddles are smoothly rounded for a smooth playing experience.

String action

The string height plays a major role in the playability of a guitar, and each guitar in the JT series is carefully adjusted to the proper string height for ease of pressing.


The fret wires are filed to keep even response and tone from every fret, with sandpapers in different grit sizes being used. The edges of frets are rounded for smooth access to higher frets.

Smooth matte-finished neck

Except for some special models, all the new JT guitars have matte neck, which feels smoother and improves playability.

Elixir strings

This model comes equipped with fan-favorite Elixir brand strings.


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We include a durable gigbag with a thick cushion to keep your instrument safe. On the backside, there’s a big, A4-sized pocket, where you can comfortably carry all your accessories without a problem.