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紫檀 Dark Purple Jan /

紫黒 Black Jan /

紅赤 Raspberry Jan /

栗梅 Dark Brown Jan /


This signature strap was developed by Headway alongside popular guitarist Osamuraisan. The design, based on the concept of “Hydrangeas that clings to you,” is laser engraved on the strap. The delicate artwork by illustrator Shibao conveys a modern yet hand-drawn warmth.

Hand-drawn artwork by illustrator -Shibao-

This is an artwork by Shibao, an illustrator who specializes in the technique of creating a single shape by combining a number of small motifs by hand, without using rulers or other tools. Along with hydrangeas, ivy resembling an arabesque pattern is crawling on the ground as a symbol of “something to cling to. Combining traditional Japanese beauty, such as the motif of pine trees, with delicate, contemporary artwork, the warmth of the hand-drawn technique expresses Osamuraisan’s view of the world.

A message from Osamuraisan

In Japan, we use a wide variety of words to describe when petals from different flowers fall. But among the wide variety of Japanese words for the end of a flower, the hydrangea actually rarely dies. The petals of the hydrangea that remain until winter turn brown and muddy, but they retain their beautiful flower shape. People try to resist age, for example, just as women wear makeup and men work out. Such efforts, in themselves, also seem as beautiful as the hydrangea. The beauty can also be seen in the strap that holds the posture of a guitar player.

Material:PVC Leather
Length:1250mm(Shortest)、 1430mm(Longest)
Colors:紫檀 DarkPurple,栗梅 DarkBrown,紅赤 Raspberry,紫黒 Black

Precautions:※There are cases where lacquer paint reacts with PVC leather, and is not recommended for use with guitars that have a lacquer finish. This product is hand-painted and has an uneven color finish to give it a vintage look. Please note that the unevenness of the color and the blurring of the color may vary from product to product.

※The product name on the package label is incorrectly listed as “HS-OSAMURAISAN”. The correct name is “HSP-OSAMURAISAN”. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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