The Eagle/STD Type D CN

MSRP¥230,000 w/o tax



CN Jan /


Body Top

Sitka Spruce

Body Side&Back

Indian Rosewood


African Mahogany










GOTOH® SG301 01 GG





Width at Nut


Neck Grip

Slim U


Mid Point Shifted,Shallow Scalloped X Bracing


Thin Urethane


Elixir NANOWEB Light(.012-.053)


Hard Case, Allen Wrench, COA

Design and specs are subject to change without notice


A New Starting Point for Headway

Founded in 1977, Headway, which has been in business for over 45 years, has released a “completely new Headway” in 2023 with the intention of moving into a new era.

While retaining the style of Headway’s flagship HD-115 model, the specs and design were completely revised, and the craftsmen of the Aska Team Build team collaborated with Yasuo Momose, founder of Headway, to develop this model from scratch.
It is called “The Eagle”.
The concept of “The Eagle”, which has been a symbol of previous Headway models, was used to brush up the design.
Inspired by the eagle, the king of the skies, the Headway logo on the headstock has been redesigned to resemble a crown.
Momose himself has special feelings for “The Eagle”, which was reconstructed by his apprentices, whom he has nurtured over the course of his craftsmanship career.
The Eagle is now available in the Standard Series.

Playability and sound brought together with technique and technology

New bracing for a new beginning

The “Mid Point Shifted X Bracing”, which is based on the normal bracing used by Momose at the time of Headway’s inception and redesigned by custom builders Yasui and Furihata with a modern twist, is used for the first time. The “Shallow Scalloped” design, which is a shallower scalloping than usual, was previously used only on Momose’s CustomShop models, but has now been incorporated into a -The Eagle- model for the first time. The tone of each note has very good articulation, and at the same time, it has a bass resonance and a round sound, all of which are enveloped by overtones.

Design that embodies -The Eagle-

Crown Logo & Headstock Inlay

The brand logo is reimagined and inspired by the Eagle, the king of the sky, shaping the Headway logo like a crown that shines brilliantly.

The inlay is a re-building of the “Eagle” that Headway has used as a symbolic motif since the company’s founding. The image of an eagle spreading its wings and soaring through the sky is cut out to symbolize a flight into a new era.

Fretboard inlay

The fingerboard depicts an eagle feather flutering in the air. The eagle feather is said to have the role of showing the way forward and making a leap forward into the future.

Soundhole cover

The blue color is the theme color of the Standard Series -The Eagle- model and gives off an image of refinement.
The sound hole cover protects the inside of the body from moisture and reduces the output volume when playing.

Soundhole label

The soundhole label, featuring the sharp Eagle’s eye, is also based on the theme color “blue”, inspiring a sense of an unspoken challenge to improve yourself.