#OneDayGuitarShow2022 – A coffee break with this… Coffee wood model?

October comes to an end and November falls upon us, which only means one thing…

The Deviser One Day Guitar Show2022

Is almost here!

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Coffee Guitar

Every year, Deviser has been working on guitars made from slightly different materials and with a playful spirit.
One such example is the cherry blossom guitar, which is now synonymous with Headway.

For the last Deviser Special Show in 2022 we introduced a new material to the list

A guitar using Coffee tree wood!!

About the coffee tree

▲Coffee trees used for the coffee bean we all know▲

As some of you may know, the coffee trees used to get coffee beans to make the beloved beverage, which are mainly known to originate from Brazil and Cuba, are quite thin and do not grow large. As you can see, it is by no means a tree that can be used for guitars.

However, the “Coffee Tree” used for this guitar is from the mid-eastern United States, and grows larger and looks different from the regular coffee tree.

Originally, Native Americans used the beans from the Coffee Tree for food and drink. European settlers, who were coffee drinkers, saw this Native American custom and roasted the beans as an alternative to their coffee and from that, also named this tree “Coffee Tree”.

The trunk of this other “Coffee Tree” is thick enough to be used for guitar making.
The Aska factory’s procurement manager was amused by this, and decided to try out and purchase this other “Coffee Tree” wood!

Now comes the second coffee guitar with such a “Coffee Tree”!

Coffee Guitar, Again

A picture is worth more than a thousand words!
This 15th of November, on this years’ Deviser One Day Guitar Show

The new『HJ-533 Coffee SF,S-ESU/ATB』will be here!

We invited Osamurai-san, a solo acoustic guitarist and coffee lover who is known for his own coffee blends, to play his second coffee guitar at Ultimate Coffee Brewers, a coffee shop in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture!

HJ-533 Coffee × Osamurai-san

Coffee Guitar Sound

The sound of coffee guitars is unique to the Coffee Tree wood, which is light but hard, a characteristic that is hard to find in other wood materials and is different from the brightness of rosewood or the warmth of mahogany.

It is also responsive to the lightest of touch, which goes well with country and surf music, as well as Latino music from Latin America, the birthplace of the actual coffee bean and its tree.

The design, color, and sound of this model are all combined to create a finish that you can enjoy in a relaxed manner, like you enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

In the coming season when you want to warm up with a cup of coffee, how about warming up while playing the new “HJ-533 Coffee SF,S-ESU/ATB” ?