Momose Custom Craft Guitars Modern Virtuoso Series『MC7-MV』

▲MC7-MV-BC-’21WSE-F・TOCHI/NJ (RBL-B)※2021One Day Guitar Show限定モデル

Product Features

Traditional-style 7-string Guitar

Momose Custom Craft Guitars’ first 7-string electric guitar. The specifications of this guitar are based on those of traditional models.
The MC-MV was born as a simple model with the expressive power of a 6-string or higher, without changing the looks or playability of the MC-MV on which this model is based. With the addition of an extra string, the MC-MV can push the boundaries of what a 6-string guitar is capable of. As a result, it can be used for all genres of music and playing. This model inherits the traditional style, so the guitar feels comfortable in the hand and has a high level of playability that can only be achieved by the Momose Custom Craft Guitars brand.

Highly stable『Quarter-sawn Maple Neck』

All models in the Modern Virtuoso series are made with “quarter-sawn” maple, which is more resistant to warping than standard electric guitar necks. Maple cut this way is not available in large quantities due to low yields when the wood is cut from logs, but when used in the neck, the grain is oriented more strongly in relation to the tension of the strings, resulting in a stronger neck with less neck movement, which is common in electric guitars, such as forward and reverse warping.

Equipped With Mojotone Pickups

Mojotone Classic 7String Strat x2,Classic 7String Humbucker x1
This guitar is equipped with Mojotone pickups, hand-wired pickups made in the U.S.A. Since this is a 7-string model, we custom-built it based on the “Classic” Strat and “Classic The arrangement of the pickups is also based on the “Classic” Strat and “Classic” Humbucker. The arrangement of the pickups is also SSH, which is rare for a 7-string model. The front and center positions provide a crisp, clean sound that is ideal for clean-sounding phrases. The rear position also gives the guitar a powerful humbucker sound.

Equipped with a GOTOH 510T-FE1 bridge

Equipped with a reliable Gotoh two-point tremolo unit.
510T series does not follow conventional vintage style but instead pursues the goal of greater tremolo functionality. It has a low clearance arm system of our own design. To guarantee a strong and hard-wearing tremolo blade, extremely resilient chromium molybdenum steel was adopted for the plate. It’s finished with high-grade heat treatment and precision machining.
There are a 6 pivot point type, the same as the synchronized style, and a 2 pivot point anchor nut type, which incorporates stud lock (PAT.)* In addition, GOTOH’s original FST feature (PAT.) between the saddle and ball end, keeps the strings from touching the plate. Because of them, the unit’s ability to return to tune when using the tremolo arm is significantly improved. The 510TS comes with the popular steel block as standard.

*Stud lock (PAT.) system mechanically fixes the clearance between anchor and stud bolt, eliminating loss of sound transmission to the body.

Hipshot Grip-Lock Open Machineheads

The locking machine heads are made by Hipshot, a company founded in California in 1983. The combination of precisely cut 18:1 gears and nylon bearings ensures smooth operation and accurate tuning over a long period of time. The machine heads have different post heights for each string, providing the proper tension for the nut. This mechanism eliminates the need for string guides.

With Hipshot locking machine heads, the string wraps around the string guide and machine head post from the nut onward, which can be a major factor in tuning errors when returning from an arm down. The Hipshot locking machine heads eliminate most of the string wrap (about half of the machine head post) and do not get caught in the string guide. This dramatically improves tuning stability after arming.


The JESCAR frets are no longer the standard for modern component guitars. The JESCAR frets are the result of decades of technological development in the field of precision machinery and have achieved a quality that is homogeneous and stable not only in appearance but also in comparison with existing frets.

Water buffalo Nut『High Density Bone』

High-density oiled water buffalo bone Nut

In general, nuts and saddles are made of a variety of materials, such as cow bone, task, ivory, brass, plastic, and carbon fiber, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Momose products have consistently used bovine bone material. We have now adopted a nut made of buffalo bone, which is denser and more stable in quality than ever before.
Even with bovine bones, there are areas where the density of the bone is high and areas where it is low, depending on the part of the bone and individual differences. If the density is low, the bone will be visually noticeable and the texture will be scabby. In this project, we set a standard for specific gravity at the procurement stage and decided to use only water buffalo bones with a specific gravity of 1.7 or higher. We believe that this standard is more dense and packed than conventional cow bones, and it will be an advantage in terms of sound quality as well as appearance and texture. The specific gravity of ivory is said to be 1.7 to 1.9, and one of its characteristics is that its material properties are close to those of ivory.


The control section is shown above, and the 5-way pickup selector can be used to switch the pickups used. A coil tap switch is provided for a wide range of sound makeup.

Demo Video

A demonstration of the MC7-MV by guitarist Kazuki Isogai performed for the 2021 One Day Guitar Show event.