A virtuoso is the master of an art, and this word is usually utilized when talking about music.
The terms “musical master” and “virtuoso” have a slightly ostentatious image of portraits hanging in a music room, but we live in an age in which anyone can share their music and performances with the world on a variety of platforms centered on social networking and video-sharing sites, and anyone can become a virtuoso player.
The flagship line of Momose Custom Craft Guitars, the “Modern Virtuoso series,” continues Momose’s tradition of precision craftsmanship and respect for traditional electric guitar design, but has evolved to incorporate ideas born from years of experience by Momose’s craftsmen, and specifications that incorporate requests from musicians, resulting in a more unique final product. We developed these electric guitars and electric basses with the goal of making them able to fit into the modern music scene where every performer can become a virtuoso.

Shared Specs

Quarter-sawn Maple

All models in the Modern Virtuoso series are made with “quarter-sawn” maple, which is more resistant to warping than standard electric guitar necks. Maple cut this way is not available in large quantities due to low yields when the wood is cut from logs, but when used in the neck, the grain is oriented more strongly in relation to the tension of the strings, resulting in a stronger neck with less neck movement, which is common in electric guitars, such as forward and reverse warping.


【Performance Video】MT24-MV-TOCHI/NJ【Kazuki Isogai】

【Performance Video】MC24-MV-JINDAI TAMO-SP22/R【Kyohei Ariga】

【Performance Video】MC-MV-TOCHI-SP22/FM【Kyohei Ariga】

【Performance Video】MC-MV-BC-’21WSE-F・TAMO/NJ【Kazuki Isogai】

【Performance Video】MC24-MV-BC-’21WSE-B・MAPLE/NJ【Kazuki Isogai】

【Performance Video】MC24-MV-BC-’21WSE-B・MAPLE/NJ【Kazuki Isogai】