Wrench for Aluminum channel truss rods

MSRP¥1,500 w/o tax


This is a special L-shaped wrench used for neck adjustment for models with aluminum channel truss rods.

Country of manufacture:Japan

Compatible with Headway products manufactured before 2011 (details below).

Headway guitars that are compatible with aluminum channel truss rod wrenches

■Headway Custom Series: Serial number 「2640」and up(Produced after June 2016)
■Headway Standard Series: Serial number that does NOT include an “S”.(Produced after May 2014)
■Vintage Headway models from the 1970s and 1980s. 

※Not compatible with products with truss rod adjustment on the headstock side or products with special neck construction (custom-made products, etc.).

For detailed information on how to adjust the aluminum channel truss rod, click here.