MSRP¥210,000 w/o tax


CR Jan /

NA Jan /



African Mahogany 2P




Indian Rosewood


Oiled Bone






Jescar® FW9662-NS


Deviser RR90


1Vol,1Tone,3Way PU Selector


25.5 inch

Width at Nut


Fingerboard Radius



Top Lacquer


Elixir® NANOWEB Light(.010-.046)


Gig Bag, Allen Wrench, COA


Mahogany body『MT3』model

The original “MT” models inherit the traditional TL style but have been brushed up with Momose’s unique touch.
The Aska factory’s craftsmen handcraft every model, from woodworking to painting and assembly. The high playability of this elaborate model has earned the support of top players both in Japan and also abroad. It offers an unwavering quality that can only be achieved by the best Japanese craftsmen.
The “MT3” uses African mahogany for the body and is equipped with two P-90 type pickups. Its distinctive looks make it a must-see for guitarists.

Hardtail bridge that brings out the sound

A hardtail-type bridge was selected for the bridge. Since the strings are strung on the back side of the body, it is difficult to go out of tune when choking. Compared to a tremolo bridge, the strings are fixed closer to the backside of the body, so the tension is stronger than usual, and the sound of the body can be experienced. In addition, the absence of the tremolo spring reduces the vibration loss to the body, and a solid sound can be obtained.

Enlarged “Large neck” joint area

Compared to the traditional TL type, the MT model has a larger gap in the horn on the higher string side.
This allows for better playability in the higher frets, and also allows players with large hands to run up to the high frets without stress.

Waist contour

The area where the waist meets the body when the guitar is held up has been contoured. This improves the fit of the guitar to the body, allowing you to enjoy stress-free playing for extended periods of time.

Joint plate drop-in design

We went with a traditional plate joint to bring out the ideal sound, but we have further enhanced playability by applying a drop-in process to the plate section.

Wood binding to prevent fretboard problems

The sides of the fingerboard feature wood binding made of the same material as the fingerboard. In addition to realizing smooth fingerboard sides, it also prevents problems such as burrs from popping out of the frets after years of use.

Widely spaced rod adjustment

The uniquely shaped headstock has a wide adjusting hole for smooth neck adjustment.
The shape of the headstock is also wider than the standard headstock, designed for ease of maintenance.

Original RR-90 pickups

Original P-90 type pickups are mounted for a wide range of sound production in each pickup position.
It has the crispness of a single-coil pickup, yet produces a fat and sweet sound. When using distortion they acompany you perfectly no matter the situation, so it is well suited for overdrive sounds and distorted sounds.

*November 30, 2022, Due to the discontinuation of the use of Madagascar Rosewood fretboards, the fretboard material has been changed to Indian Rosewood.
Accordingly, the notation at the end of the product name has been changed from “NJ (=NewJacaranda: Madagascar Rosewood)” to “R (=Indian Rosewood)”.