Presenting Kazuki Isogai, a guitarist with a mellow guitar sound based on Hip Hop and Neo Soul music, has a huge following around the world! While releasing music under the name “Kazuki Isogai”, which is consisten with his own style, Isogai is also active at the forefront of various music scenes as a member of the band SANABAGUN, as a support participating in songs for popular Japanese Bands and Artists such as Creepy Nuts, and supporting Def Tech, Kaela Kimura, and others. Isogai’s signature model “MJS-MV Kazuki Isogai” features unique specifications such as a tochi body, and was developed with an orientation toward both the “musical expression” and “Usable in professional perfromances” specifications that Isogai seeks.

Momose Modern Virtuoso Series

MJS-MV Kazuki Isogai

MSRP・・・¥300,000(w/o Taxes)

※Release date Early 2023

As the name suggests, this flagship line of Momose Custom Craft Guitars is designed to develop guitars for “today’s great players” and is built with functionality-oriented specifications in mind and high-grade components. The MJS-MV Kazuki Isogai was developed as a part of the top-of-the-line Modern Virtuoso Series to meet Kazuki Isogai’s various requirements.


Tochi 2 piece Body

head head

When it came to creating this signature model we listened to Isogai’s comments and notes based on his years of playing with his Tochi wood model, the comments from professional artists and sound engineers, which all agreed on how good Tochi sounds. Tochi has a moderately solid tone that cuts through the mix with a shimmering midrange. It handles distortion really well, coming through well-defined even on the lower tones.

Wenge Fingerboard


Wenge fingerboard with beautiful black stripes appearing on the dark brown wood surface. It has excellent hardness and strength, and has a good brightness and good rise.

Quartersawn Maple


The neck material is quarter-sawn maple, a regular feature of the Modern Virtuoso series. It is resistant to warping and has high strength and stability.


USA-Made Mojotone® Clone’59 pickup


Mojotone tested a number of vintage Jazz Master® pickups and disassembled a ’59 model, which has the most remarkable sound. This model reproduces that fascinating tone by studying even the coil winding and tension. The reverse winding and reverse polarity have a hum canceling effect that reduces noise when mixed.

Jescar® Evo Gold Fret


Highly durable fret wire with high hardness and resistance to abrasion. It contributes to the graininess of tones and accurately expresses the player’s nuances. Even users with nickel allergies can use this wire with no worries.

Montreux® JM bridge


While looking like a traditional spiral saddle, the deep cutout in the center of the saddle reduces string drop, which is a common problem with spiral saddles.

GOTOH® SD91-05M MG & RG30


The GOTOH®SD91-05M MG, which has a classical look but with a locking mechanism, is what we went for. The string retainer provides a moderate tension on the 1st (High-E) & 2nd (B) strings.

Neck Plate

plate plate

Original neck plate with Isogai’s icon and signature engraved by laser.


Neck Profile


In response to Isogai’s request, the neck grip is adjusted to be slightly thicker than Momose’s normal C grip. The robust construction stabilizes string vibration and contributes to a thicker tonal sound profile.

Luminlay Side Markers


Side position markings made of Luminlay, a light-storing material that stores light and releases it in the dark. This is useful when performing on stage, where the lighting is often dark. This is one of the first specifications requested as a “must-have” for playing live in concerts.

280R (11″ radius) Fingerboard 

280R 280R

The slightly flatter fretboard radius of 280R increases sustain when choking at the higher frets.


Ultra Thin Matte White


The white finish is an ultra-thin matte finish that conveys the warmth of horse chestnut wood. The thin coating film improves the vibration efficiency of the body and contributes to the excellent sound.

Gold Acryl Pickguard


Pickguard made of golden acrylic, a custom-made material

Special Items

「MASTER 8 JAPAN」x「Momose」x「Kazuki Isogai」Limited Collaboration Pick


A limited edition color of Kazuki Isogai signature picks by MASTER 8 JAPAN, a factory brand of Ikeda Kogyo Inc., Japan’s only factory specializing in guitar picks and known for its high-quality pick production, is included as a bonus item. Also includesh a special display case.

Material : D-801 / Thickness : 0.8mm

Autographed Certificate of Authenticity


Signature model certificate signed by Kazuki Isogai himself. The serial number is written in the product itself.



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