【#DeviserOneDay】A new arrival of -The Eagle-

The Eagle’ 23 made its debut in January 2023, following the path of Headway’s history, and heralding an unprecedented evolution in terms of construction and design, including bracing.
After a year of preparation, the new “The Eagle” model is now ready to be introduced, incorporating the new Headway spirit that took shape with The Eagle ’23. The new models, created by the disciples who have inherited the spirit of Headway built up by Yasuo Momose, will be presented at the Deviser One Day Guitar Show 2023.

In this short article, we’ll give a look at some models coming to tomorrow’s (November 14th) event, the Deviser One Day Guitar Show.

Reworked design with an Eagle motif

Remaking the 90s Eagle Design.

The headstock is decorated with the inlay of an Eagle, which Headway has used as a symbol since its inception. It depicts a scene of an eagle spreading its wings and soaring in the sky, symbolizing a flight into a new era.

The Eagle’s Imagery

The key visual point for these new models is intense!
The Eagle is a new world, far removed from the conventional image of the acoustic guitar. Expect to see what the Eagle, with its blurred shades of red and blue, signifies.

Fretboard inlay

Position mark representing a shimmering eagle feather.

The fingerboard depicts eagle feathers fluttering in the air. The Eagle Feather is said to “show the way forward” and “to play a role in leaping forward into the future”. This design is a wish for a new start for Headway and for everyone who picks up this instrument.

The Eagle’s Unique Bracing

A fusion of 90s and 2025 technologies that can be described as a “new age of learning from the past”.

Headway’s new bracing style ‘Mid Point Shifted X Bracing’, which was used on The Eagle ’23 and had a good reception, is also used on this new ‘The Eagle’. The normal bracing used by Momose at the time of Headway’s inception has been redesigned by custom builders Yasui and Furihata with a modern twist. The ‘Shallow Scalloped’ specification, in which the power wood has been scraped more shallowly than usual, was previously used only on Momose’s Custom Shop models but is now standard on ‘The Eagle’ as well.
It has a tone with a good articulation of each note but also has a bass resonance, a boxy sound, and a well-balanced sound that seems to surround all of the notes with overtones. It’s like a new face of Headway while also following the Headway sound of the past.

Master Builder Yasuo Momose

Master builder Yasuo Momose, who has been a leading expert on all things Headway since its inception, also gives his seal of approval to its perfection and quality.
We asked Yasuo Momose about the new model, The Eagle, to touch the model first-hand and talk about the latest in Headway’s flagship line of products that have been passed down from generation to generation.

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Deviser One Day Guitar Show 2023

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Information on limited editions and new products from the various Deviser brands will be released all at once on a special feature page on the 14th of November! This countdown page will provide information on the exhibits before the release of the special website.