Headway -The Eagle’23- It’s a new beginning

On a certain day in December, we asked Yasuo Momose at the Deviser’s headquarters to talk about the new -The Eagle- model, to actually touch the model, and to talk about the latest in Headway’s flagship line of products that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The -Headway- that Yasuo Momose aimed for

About what new characteristics we aimed for with -The Eagle- compared to the original combination of our “Normal Bracing” and a ” Non-scalloped” design that characterized the vintage Headway models.

Momose: The Headway 115 & 415 series at that time were built around the combination of our “Normal Bracing” and a “Non-scalloped” construction. The “Normal bracing” was based on our research of European and American guitars disassembled at the time, and the position of the bracing intersection was our original design. The reason for adopting the non-scalloped bracing was to emphasize rigidity in order to create a sturdy guitar that could be played and played well, for a lifetime, as Headway’s philosophy from its inception was to create “guitars that grow up alongside you”.

This time, Yasui and Furihata have added a modern twist by remaking what was our original -Normal bracing- design of the time, and I am excited to discover a new sound that has never existed before in the history of Headway. I was busy with daily production back then, so I am deeply moved to see my juniors redesigning a model I originally made 45 years ago.
It is also very interesting to see that the ATB series is the first to adopt the “shallow scalloped” design, which I have recently started using for my custom models.
I would like many people to play the combination of the bracing arranged by my juniors and my scalloped bracing.

Yasuo Momose explains details using a sample top

The Eagle ’23- Master builder’s Yasuo Momose’s impressions

What are your thoughts after trying the finished product?

Momose: I really like the look of this model, it has a unique yet cohesive design, I never thought the 115 & 415 would evolve in this kind of model, nor did I dream that the iconic Headway “Eagle” would be born as a model.

Hand-carved inlay used for -The Eagle’23-

As for the tone, it has a “new sound”. It has a fledgling sound profile since it has just been made, but it is “new” in other ways too, more refined than the previous Headway models. The balance from treble to bass is just perfect.

I had a chance to see a vintage Headway that I had made back in the day that was sent for repair, and it had a nice aged sound with a shimmering and colorful tone. I think -The Eagle-, much like those vintage models, is worth playing with and honing over many years because it inherits the design concept and potential from those vintage models, and on top of that, there are the parts that have been further improved since then.

Momose listens carefully and performs a sound check.

New Headway: Aiming for a new sense of Individuality

What are your thoughts on this model that combines 45 years of Headway’s history?

Momose: The sound balance is very good. The sound is very even and smooth on all strings. The rigidity and other durability aspects are also very well calculated, so I think you can play it with peace of mind for a very long time.
I think the characteristics of the sound will change after a few years of playing, and after about 10 years, the sound will become quite bright, so I would like you to play it every day.
I really think that this is a model with a new sense of individuality to it ready to be discovered by the users.

New models are a challenging yet satisfying evolution for Momose

I think the young craftsmen put a lot of thought into this model.

Momose: I think great guitars are produced because the young craftsmen that were raised under my tutelage are engaged in friendly competition every day, and as a result Headway now has a group of skilled craftsmen in its ranks. Unlike electric guitars, acoustic guitars don’t normally feature any radical changes to their shape and design, but I think the new Headway has a new tone and look that solidly stands out from other models this time around. And since the history of the 115 & 415 has been taken into account in the fine-tuning of the design of this guitar, I think it makes for a truly worthy member and continuation of the Headway family.

With the end of Headway’s 45th anniversary, a new model will be born to mark the beginning of a new Headway!

The Eagle’23 Type D

MSRP・・・JPY 360,000(w/o taxes)

The Eagle’23 Type F

MSRP・・・JPY 360,000(w/o taxes)